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Probationary F.F


Chrissy Hull

Chaz Mayo

Eric Mathews

Becky Zarback

Nick Russell

John Osborne

Joe Slepko Jr.

Russell Simms

Vince Maniglia



BJ Hallbom

Keith Atkinson

The cadet program is for members under 18 years of age. The cadets participate in training exercises much like other members. Cadets respond to emergencies with the fire department, but the cadet is never placed in a dangerous situation, and is closely supervised at all times.

Prom Promise

Chaz is such a great victim, that we even loan him out to other departments. Here he is hamming it up at Prom Promise. Our other explorers seem to always volunteer Chaz for these things, do we have to wonder why?

*Important Note: No actual Chaz were injured during the filming of this web page.