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Bicycle Safety

Most serious bike crashes happen close to home on quiet streets. The vast majority of bike crashes DO NOT involve motor vehicles. About 95 percent of all injury-producing bike mishaps occur when a cyclist falls or runs into something like a pothole, a post, a pedestrian or another bike.

Bike crashes are the leading cause of brain injury to school-aged children. A brain injury is not like a broken bone, it doesn't fully heal. Brain injury can lead to death or permanent disability. Survivors with brain injury may suffer seizures, intellectual and memory impairment and personality changes.

Prevent Bike Crashes

Follow these basic rules of the road:

Got a Brain? Get a Helmet

Bike helmet protection is priceless. Your brain, your life and your future are at stake. Research shows that safety approved bike helmets reduce the risk of brain injury by over 85%. Today, helmets are designed to look good and feel great. They are light, cool, comfortable, affordable, attractive and easy to wear.

Helmets that meet safety standards are the investment that you can't afford to overlook. You always need to wear a helmet wherever you ride. All cyclists crash eventually and even a low speed fall on a bike path can cause a brain injury.

Getting into the Helmet Habit

Choosing a Helmet

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